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Can't connect via SFTP

  • Hi,
    I have an RPi3 that I installed RetroPie on a month or so ago. From my windows PC, I am able to ping the Pi but when I try to SFTP into it (Filezilla) I just get an error:
    Status: Connecting to
    Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
    Command: open "pi@" 22
    Error: Network error: Connection refused
    Error: Could not connect to server

    Is there something in one of the menu somewhere that I can check to make sure everything is running that's supposed to or anything else I can start looking at?

    I'm going to go hook it up to a TV and get more info if I can. I had just powered it on stand-alone to do some ROM management.


  • OK, I got it figured out. I thought SSH was enabled by default but I guess it wasn't. I told it to start the SSH server and now I can connect fine.

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