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How to open the DOS command line in DosBox from Emulation Station

  • Pi3b, 2.1A aftermarket power supply
    Retropie 4.3
    Pre made SD Image: retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img
    1 USB wireless bluetooth keyboard
    2 identical Arcade DragonRise USB joysticks
    lr-Mame 2003 (0.78) and 2010

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know how to open the DOS command prompt in DosBox from Emulation Station? Or perhaps there is a way to get to the Dos command line when in a DOS game - Selecting "Quit to DOS" returns me to Emulation Station.

    Thank you

  • @crumbs are you setting up .sh files or just loading the .exe files? If you are loading a .sh file remove the

    -c “exit”

    From the end of the line inside the .sh file. Although there should be a dosbox file in the pc folder that boots right into dosbox commandline.

  • Ah! Just hit button A on the DosBox choice in Emulation Station. Silly question, sorry, I didn't see it. Solved.

    @edmaul69 Just wanted to run some batch files.

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