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New to Pi, Retropi, all of it

  • @caver01 Nope, it sounds like they are using a NOOBS version of retropie.

    1. Insert memory card into pi and attach to power and tv via hdmi
    2. Select retropie OS and select install

    And i believe the license still is valid even if it's not the official image.

    BTW: I wish there was an official NOOBS build, because the guide to make one is confusing and because of that i had to use an unofficial build myself to have the option to get a dual boot system.

  • Just to clarify.. After getting things assembled, I booted up to NOOBS, there were 2 options:
    Install Raspian (recommended)
    Install RetroPie

    I installed Raspian first, then installed RetroPie. These were both included on the 32Gb Micro SD card.

  • @palee72 Do you have to use NOOBS to switch between them or can you start Retropie from Rasbian and vise versa?
    If it's the later case, they probably got their files from multibootpi

  • It's a shame sellers profit from this free software, but still welcome @palee72! Hope you will enjoy your pi :)

  • @felleg I don't think you can stop this. There is a demand for Pi's bundled with preinstalled software, so there will always be people selling it.
    @palee72 Welcome! Also it's better to ignore whatever is on the micro sd and just start out with a fresh install, downloaded from this site.

  • @palee72 Welcome to this new world. :) I, too, bought my Raspi only weeks ago, and I explore it and Retropie ever since. I'm a Linux user for over ten years, though, so this part of it isn't new to me. Have fun!

  • @BobHarris Actually for Amazon it's simple to stop. Retropie can report these easily using this form:

    I have also confirmed the image is loaded right on the card and it is not downloaded.

    @BuZz @herb_fargus have you tried submitting these?

  • administrators

    @ruperto I have in the past. We successfully took down one seller, then Amazon refused to action on further reports. I don't have the free time or motivation to constantly fight against the sellers.

  • @buzz that reminds me of something I found yesterday and wanted to ask about. What do you think about PINN? It's a fork of NOOBS that can download and install Retropie. But the files are maintained by the devs of PINN, so at least (compared to other pre made multi boot packages) it sounds like the Retropie files are unaltered.
    But my guess is that you wouldn't be very supportive if someone has trouble with that or if sellers would put that on cards right now get?

    Feel free to delete/edit this post if you don't want to draw to much attention to that method.

  • By the time I parted everything out, I actually saved a few bucks buying the whole thing together.. for someone who has never played with Linux, Pi, or anything else, it made it not so scary. Until this, I had zero exposure to any of this technology. I first bought an Arduino a few years ago, cheap on Amazon. It was a Chinese knock off, but again, having never used it before, no programing background, and not sure I was going to stick with it, it was a great way to get started.. Now that I have some experience under my belt, my next purchase will most likely be just the Pi for my next project.. whatever that may be..

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