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Creating custom collections for existing Themes

  • Hi guys. I searched the forum and could not find the answer. Is there a way to create a custom collection for a pre-existing Theme that included graphics? In other words, i want to create custom collections for Platformer, Classic Arcade and Run and Gun for the Comic Book Theme. Can i do it so that they match what is already in there? Is there a tutorial anywhere? Thanks.

  • I've been searching for this too. any luck ?

  • @m0riarty There are no tutorials. You just have to create the art yourself using an image manipulation program. Photoshop, GIMP etc. Then copy an existing system substituting your custom art for that contained, then create a ROMS folder, create an emulators.cfg file and an entry in es_systems.cfg.
    It can be done with basic image editing skills and just following how other systems are set up with the theme and within RetroPie itself.

  • @jonnykesh hey, thanks. I'm a graphic designer, so the art part is no problem. Just needed some guidance on the formatting, placement and additional files to make it functional. this helps.

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