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Weird FBA Hi Score Nonsense

  • I recently built a new image and updated all the bits and pieces. Part of this included rebuilding my FBA romset to .42 so that it would play nice with the new FBA build. While things seem to run pretty good on FBA with these new ROMs, there seems to be an issue with the hi score displays on most games. The display in game and on the attract screen are just a mess of jumbled characters and #'s, but incoherent. I had never rebuilt a romset, but followed the directions carefully, so am not sure if that is the issue or not. I know it happens in Galaga. Lots of Capcom games like 1943 and GunSmoke have this issue, which I figured shouldn't arise if I am using the right ROM with FBA... any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • anyone?

  • @morpie

    I've encountered this as well. For me, it was right after I starting setting up RetroPie 4.3. I hadn't noticed there was an update to the FBA romset and had just tested a couple old ones I was using on my last build.

    I then tried ROMS from the current set (I believe .42) and seemed to have fixed the problem. I also deleted the hi score files as part of my troubleshooting, which may have helped but I think it was the roms that made the difference.

    Have you tried a different rom or two (not from your rebuilt set) to see if that fixes the problem?

  • @RumblinBuffalo , I haven't gotten very far yet. I am in the process of trying to do a handful of things to get my Pi to where I need it to be. When I updated, I rebuilt the ROM set according to the online instructions. Currently using 0.42 ROMs. I will try my 0.39 set and see if they are showing that problem.

    This is my only real issue in RetroPie I have found, other than some 240p questions and figuring out my Attract Mode layout... still lots of ability to have fun as I figure this out.

  • @morpie As you said, try an older set. Mine is .40 and I haven't had any similar issues and they are mostly compatible. I won't say 100% because I haven't tested them all but my 0.40 set has had no issues with the .42 emulator.

  • Probably related to which was fixed 10 days ago.

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