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Help with streamlining RetroPie input configurations

  • I set up RetroPie with the intention of using it to play fighting games and gatherings. The idea of being able to play a plethora of classic fighting games while being able to use your own controller made it perfect for what I had in mind.

    Not to long ago I hosted a random video game tournament where a random game was selected every round and players would hook up their own controller to the Raspberry Pi, bind their controls and play.

    Prior to the tournament, I never had much trouble with setting up someone else's controller. I'd have my main stick configured (both from the main RetroPie menu as well as that specific emulator for RetroArch), and then player 2 could just plug in their controller and by using my controller, P2 could easily bind their own buttons.

    But during the tourney, binding controls became a chore. My plan was to have my main stick plugged in to serve as the "master controller" that would access the menus and would help the other 2 players bind their controls, but it was nowhere near that easy.

    It seemed like every controller would control a different part of the menu. Sometimes when I went to go choose which controller would be P1 or P2, I'd have to switch to that controller to continue binding. If their up/down/select key wasn't set then I'd have to do a hard restart. After every set I'd have to end up doing a hard shut to switch games which ended up taking a lot of time.


    My main question is: Is there a way to set up a "master" controller? One that has complete control over the menu and can bring it up but doesn't actually have to be used for playing? If not, could someone provide some tips for binding controls in an easier/efficient manner?

    I've asked about this on reddit and I was told that a USB keyboard would do what I have in mind but for some reason when I press my hotkey button the menu won't show up. If it's any help, here's my configuration:

  • @fgccheckmate unfortunately there is no master controller. Player 1 always has control of the menu/hotkeys. When you press the hot key button on a keyboard, do you press the corresponding button to do somthing. I have my menu on a key board as hotkey (tab for me) and then I press a, which is my (x)

  • @lostless well I'm not really concerned with who is P1 and P2 on EmulationStation. I'm concerned with trying to get one controller to map inputs. I know on an emulator's RGUI I can set P1 and P2 controls by navigating the menu with a separate controller, but sometimes it acts weird and I'll have to switch between 4 separate controllers to get it working. Choosing which controller is P1/P2 on the RGUI is easy until the controls decide to act up and get split up between 3 or 4 different controllers.

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