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Controller not working in ROMs

  • okay, okay I know this has been talked about before but I'm not finding a solution that applies to me, (at least I don't think I've found one that applies to me...)

    Hardware: x64 64-bit pc
    underlying OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    RetroPie version 4.3.7
    Built from: Pulled directly from Github
    Guide followed: Github installation guide
    Controller: Xbox 360 controller
    Roms used: NES and SNES, Mario Brothers.

    summary of the issue: controller working in ES but not ROMS, I'm aware of fixes that apply to the Pi etc but would please like direction on the fix for the x86 version, because as I understand it the directories are slightly different?

    This control issue is ROM non-specific but Mario Bros is the ROM I've been testing fixes on.

    I am also aware that xboxdrv is (apparently) installed incorrectly and I've reinstalled it via the script (as the GitHub FAQ suggests) and rebooted the entire system - OS and all.

    This has been a seriously frustrating process for me and if someone could just help point me in the correct direction to get this resolved I'd really appreciate it!

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    @gmoney2123 Don't install the xboxdrv via the setup script. Try to install it from the Ubuntu repositories, with the apt-get install xboxdrv command and reboot.

  • @mitu Okay, just did that, didn't work.

    I decided to see if there were some config settings or something under xboxdrv so I ran it from the terminal, but it throws an error saying there are no Xbox controllers connected...
    Even though I was just using it in ES.

    I then ran jstest which looked actually does detect controller inputs... so I don't know where the issue really is... unless my controller is incompatible with xboxdrv?

    I've used 2 different controllers for testing though and they don't work.

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