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Quick question (I hope) on multiple controllers

  • Was thinking of using controllers similar to the original i.e a snes pad for snes games (and maybe nes) a nes/famicom one for nes games, Mega Drive for Mega Drive etc.

    But I was wondering, assuming I don't have more than 1 controller plugged in at once does retropie just assign controllers to players/ports in that way or does it just default to whatever controller is plugged in at the time.

    Either way I was thinking of a 8bitdo pro controller and now and again switch to usb one for reasons above i.e I want a bit more faithful playing if I play a Sega game so want a Sega themed controller.

  • I can't answer this question with 100% certainty, but it has been my experience that after initially mapping both controllers, RetroPie will remember which device corresponds to which player. I think it may default whatever is plugged in as player 1 if only one controller is plugged in though, not really sure. I use a pair of Logitech F710 wireless controllers on my build and just leave them both plugged in all the time. Perhaps someone else here can give you a better answer. Like I said though, it "seems" to remember which device is which though when you plug it back in.

  • Default behaviour is to assign controller number in the order of connection.
    You could use the @meleu 's joystick-selection script (available from experimental packages) to map your controllers by core (ie snes pad for snes games).

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