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Problems with gameplay on Time Gal and Ninja Hayate PSX

  • Hi,

    I'm having issues with gameplay on Time Gal and Ninja Hayate on PSX. Whenever I make a directional move and sometimes with button presses, the move doesn't seem to register, or register quick enough and I die all the time.

    Here is my info:
    RPI3 Model B
    Buffallo Wired USB gamepads
    front end: Emulation Station
    emulator: lr-pcsx-rearmed
    gamefile is a PBP file
    My Vizio HDtv is set to GAME mode
    Game is set to easiest difficulty

    Is anyone else able to play these games without issue? I'm thinking it might be input lag, but there shouldn't be this much lag. I also notice this on Hot Shots 2. The stroke meter stops around 1- 1 1/2 seconds after button press. Any suggestions how I can get these games working better?
    Any help/advice is truly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hello pumpkinrat, I really love FMV games and I have four FMV games running on lr-pcsx-rearmed.

    I have Time Gal, Ninja Hayate, Thunder Storm and Road Blaster and all of these games are running fine without issues, with a perfect emulation from original hardware.

    But I´m using bin. cue. files not a compressed file like you, I saw that you are using PBP.

    For better performance I recommend you to use iso. or bin. cue files.

  • Do both gamepads act the same if you switch them out?
    What power supply are you using with your Pi?
    Are these the only PSX games you've tried?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, thanks for the suggestions. vikingrock - I will try them in .bin .cue format instead. Good to know that they should work as I really love these games.

    The DateCereal, both pads have same issue when switched out. I have other PSX games, but this issue seems to really affect the FMV games and games like Hot Shots Golf where you have to have pinpoint reactions.

    If the bin cue solution doesn't work for me, I'll also try setting the HDTV to 720p and setting the native res of the pi to 1360x768 and see if that helps.

    I'll be back with the results. Thanks.

  • Update: I tried Ninja Hayate and Time Gal in the bin/cue format. Still has the same issue. Sometimes the movements and button presses trigger, sometime not. I have to start pressing the direction or button before the hint even shows up and then still it sometimes doesn't trigger. I notice that all menu selections at game open trigger fine - game start and options, no lag. Really confused why the gameplay controls are so glitchy.

    I have my HDTV in game mode and all advanced picture options turned off. Once again, I'm using a wired Buffalo SNES style gamepad.

    I really like these games and would love to get them working if possible. Any other ideas?

  • @pumpkinrat if it is ibuffalo controllers can you either try a better power supply (not a cellphone charger) or using a usb hub that has its own power supply and put the controller on that to test? Ibuffalo controllers can be a bit power hungry.

  • Update: I tried the games with the standalone PCSX- Rearmed and they work much better.
    Now I just have to figure out how to map my gamepad button controls, and a hotkey escape. I created a pcsx.cfg file at: /opt/retropie/configs/psx/ and altered the mapping for Xbox 360 controller listed on github: to try and map my buffallo wired snes controller, but the buttons don't work.

    Bummer that I can't change the aspect ratio. Would be great to be able to have them 4x3 like on lr-pcsx-rearmed.

    edmaul69 - when I get another power supply and a USB hub to test, I will try lr-pcsx-re-armed again. Thanks.

  • @pumpkinrat Not sure about settings in the standalone PCSX, but couldn't you change the output res of that pluggin to 1024x768 (seeing as you had it set to 1360x768 anyways) or a res that has something resembling a 4:3 ratio? I set most of my cores to run at 640x480, as that's technically higher than the original res in most cases anyways. Other benefit to the lower res means less stress on the pi, meaning potentially less input lag.

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