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PS4 Controller @Vice ... I´m lost

  • Hi guys, I´m absolutely lost with my ps4 controller configuration @ vice.
    I attached it via bluetooth (worked good) and configured it @ Emulationstation (Left Shoulder, etc.) .. also worked like a charm ....

    But in a game (e.g. Giana Sisters) I can´t do anything ...

    I opended the menu and activated Jostick #2, but no button acts as fire button and I even can´t start a game with that pad .....
    With some effort I can start a game with the keyboard (by wildly pressing some keys), but Giana won´t let me controll her (that little bitch :-) )....

    Is there ANYWHERE a real good explanation on how to do that .... (preferably in German ?)

    Many thanks and greetings,


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