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Black borders in emulator part of Emulationstation SNES/PSX

  • Hello everyone!
    Ive encountered some problems with borders of image on old CRT TV. Ive googled this issue on this forum and on the internet but cant find a solution for my setup.
    alt text
    To hook up RPI to CRT TV i use some chineese converter.
    alt text
    So, there is no any problems with Emulationstation menu itself, but when i try to start some game for SNES or PSX there are some problems with borders. Also, menu in SNES game is stratched from top to bottom without any borders, only on the right and left, but the game itself runs in reduced image size for some reason.
    I`ve tried with no luck:

    1. Overscan in boot/config.txt is commented
    2. Change ratio to different values in Configuration Editor for the emulator
    3. Change hdmi parameters in boot/config.txt
    4. Change build in emulators menu almost all parameters to different values All of this actions did not solved the issue with borders during the emulation. Ill appritiate if someone can point me a direction in wich to look for the solution. I have no more ideas what to try to get rid of this damn borders.
      Thanks in advance!

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    @unitready Open the RetroArch GUI via Hotkey + X, the go to the Video settings and adjust the width/height/offsets on the image. You can see an example on in


  • @mitu thanks for the tip! Its definitely useful info if there will be some problems with positioning image on screen, Ill save this video for later use.
    Actually I found another solution for the problem:
    before the game starts there is a grey info box, you can push some button and then enter a menu with additional setting. From there you can enter default video resolution submenu and play a little with setting that are stored there. I managed to fit image to the screen at 800x600 4:3 setting. It works with both psx and snes emulation. Maybe this info also would be usefull for someone.
    Thank again and good luck!

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