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Help customising the system carousel

  • Hi Guys. Forgive me as I am a complete novice and I have searched high and low with now success. I am trying to find a way to customise the carousel bar as I think it is dull. Is there a way of changing its appearance? As I am a novice so will need to know which XML to edit to show the changes. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • @lugzyboy82 There are many awesome custom themes out there available. Many talented people right here on this site. Do a search here for themes. All kinds of "customizations" are getting better and better!

  • The only real way is to get down and dirty and learn how to code a theme. I learned by taking a theme that was close to what i wanted and started looking at the files and messing with them and see what happened. In the end, I made the Playstation theme here. What exactly did you want to do with the carousel?

  • Thanks for the replies. I would like to fade it slightly and turn it red if possible. To give it a kind of red mist effect.

  • I have managed to code backgrounds, system images etc, I just can get my head around the carousel editing. I have found some coding relating to carousel changes but when I add the text to the XML document it doesn't seem to do anything. Do I add it to the theme XML in each separate system or do I add it to the spare XML?? It may just be that I haven't entered the coding text correctly or I have put it in the wrong XML.

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