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ORA Retropie image for the odroid Xu4

  • after much hard work from everyone here at ORA we have finally finished our project to put together a working image of Retropie for the xu4 saving you all the hours of stress and toil trying t get it all working yourselves

    this is a bare image no roms and no bios are included

    wed apreciate if you also took the time to read the release documentation as there are some changes to how certain things work and things you should and should not do

    finally if you have any questions or need help regarding this image we welcome you to ask your questons on our discord where the development team will be happy to assist you

    and finally and most importantly

    we at ORA would like to thank the retropie team for all there hard work even with all the hard work and effort we have brought to this image without them and there hard work in bringing retropie to the xu4 in the first place this image would not be possible

  • Pretty cool man. I just wish there were more cases for the Odroid. At least, gaming themed cases.

  • @reesk92

    that is sweet
    i was going to pick up a Xu4 later tonite.
    cant wait to give this a go

  • you definatley should the xu4s are in a little short supply at the moment cause of how popular theyve become but you might be able to knab yourself one just make sure you get the fan version as ive noticed in games even at the high fan rates the temps reach the low 60s and i dont think the passive cooler can handle emulation without having a secondary case fan or some active airflow over it

  • @reesk92
    I don't own an XU4, but this is huge! Game changer! (shoots my unused C2 an angry glare..."why can't you be more like your brother!?")

    You could mod the chinese NES mini cases/consoles pretty easily. I'm 99% certain it would fit.

  • yeah alot of the pi cases should work without too much modding like the nespi case
    mines modded into a original ps1 with a hdd cause we got usb 3 up in this joint lol

  • @jcook84

    Are you sure? The XU4 doesn't appear to have the ports in the same location needed on the back.

  • use the hot glue luke

  • @sgtjimmyrustles
    It can work. This is a crappy 500-in-1 clone that I modded ala @zippiz method. Inside looks horrible, but it's been through 3 iterations/overhauls. the last being the ethernet port.
    @reesk92 knows the riddle of hotglooo
    0_1516315876771_hotgloooo.png 0_1516315888470_hiddenhotgloooo.png

  • bessides most comercial cases for pi and any other board suck whoppee it looks like a nes shame i cant fit a hdd in there so its mostly useless for large gaming collections atleast making your own you have more options

    like i said mines in a ps1 and it works quite nice as a case if i pop the cd bay lid open i get access to the hdd to unplug and fill with gams the sd card is accesible through there too and on the back all thats exposed is hdmi power ethernet and a pair of usb ports
    everything where id want it and still space to add more stuff inside

    i could never get that flexibility buying a premade

  • Could you please add here the MD5 hash for the file?
    I've downloaded it once it it seems to have been corrupted.

    I managed to download from another source (removed) and this is the MD5 sum:

  • administrators

    @a_netanel do not mention sites which host images with ROMs.

  • Hi, i appreciate all the effors went into this project, but no eMMC support is a huge disadvantage and pretty much a killer for this project (at least for me). I mean guys seem really to put some effort into this... and then you release it as a shitty sd image that runs on like 30% of the speed of an mmc? Just why do you force people to shot themselves in the legs? O_o

    Many people that use this image are noobs and wont know much about what they are doing, so its on you to guide them to the best solution.

    Sry .. reading about this made me angry. I could write a book about how bad this decision is.

    I haven't tried it but if anybody gets this image to work on a mmc, let me know.

    EDIT: eMMC is working...

  • @lephro said in ORA Retropie image for the odroid Xu4:

    Hi, i appreciate all the effors went into this project, but no eMMC support is a huge disadvantage and pretty much a killer for this project (at least for me). I mean guys seem really to put some effort into this... and then you release it as a shitty sd image that runs on like 30% of the speed of an mmc? Just why do you force people to shot themselves in the legs? O_o

    I am running the image on emmc....where was it posted that emmc is not supported...maybe I missed it?

    EDIT: Was it in the pdf? I cannot look as I am at work and they block everything.

  • That sounds promising. Tomorrow i'll get a spare MMC ... i give it a try...

    PDF page2 point 10: OS Installation Media: This image has been designed to be run with a MicroSDand not currently on EMMC due to the expense that EMMC incurs. Changes will need to be
    made to the boot files if you wish to convert to EMMC. This has not been tested as of yet.

  • @lephro Ah well might be time to update this thread then. I am on the dev team for it....I run it on emmc and I know one of the testers does as well. I'll point this out to the guys this evening. I think it may have been a simple matter of we didn't have an emmc to test with. That has since been rectified but I DID have to do some extra flashing to get the hardkernel emmc working. On of the other guys did nothing more than flash the image to his emmc and off he went. I posted the steps in discord (which is also blocked here) but I'll make an effort to get them posted here as well in case you run into any issues.

  • Ok ... its booting... but my keyboard-controller-thing (chinese piece of *) is not working properly... going to upgrade via ssh now... iam pretty sure that will fix the keyboard issue... i used the image linked in this thread which is probably not up to date... ... but i have to say that things are looking good afa i can tell so far.

  • with regards to the emmc

    before i start it works now

    but at the time of release we was foccused on releasing a fully built and configured release of retropie
    extra features were planned and ultimatley did come later
    if a emmc is really a deal breaker then your best and only option at the time would have been ....

    well no retropie at all in any form

    whilst i do not expect you to understand but this stuff doesent magically just happen for us it takes many many hours of work and trying and failing and trying again before we get it right with our small team as it is we must set prioritys in order to remain on schedule towards the final push for release we looked at what did and did not work and made decisions on what wed focus out time on specifically

    after much deliberation we had decided that whilst we wanted to get emmc working we wasnt about to start delaying release just for the sake of making it work especially since the general concensous amongst our team and our community was that whilst emmc is nice many preffered sd cards as odroids emmc modules are fairly expensive for what they are and most never bothered with buying them

    once the image was out the door we discovered the solution to writing emmc images and later found it required no extra modification to the image

    this solution came from a member of our community who much like you had a verry big interest in making the emmc image and took the initiative to do the leg work himself to fix the problem

    wifi was also a simmilar thing and like emmc came down to money its all well and good asking for every wifi module under the sun to be supported but we dont have the cash to start testing every module known to man the eventual solution to this was we teamed up with our verry graciouis supporter ameridroid who donated us 1 of each of there wifi modules as well as several emmc modules which we used to add in wifi wupport and test with and now we have a decent spread of supported wifi modules ranging from 2 or 3 dollars up to 30 dollars

    so yes emmc now works and turns out always had

    but as a side note more people should be like the guy i mentioned above if something isnt to your liking then fix it change it make it how you want it instead of complaining about it on the forums for example

    we wanted odroid for the xu4 as a ready to go image but we didnt sit there saying things like its not a ready to install image so were not interested and the projects dead we gathered our guys together we set a plan in motion and we worked hard and delivered on what we set out to do

  • We released our latest public image today which is v1.1 based on 4.3.9. We have the changelog as the first page of the release notes and can be found on our website Odroid Arena.

    To make it clear this is a base very similar to the official RetroPie release. No games other than the opensource ports are included.

    Support for the Odroid branded WiFi adapters has been baked in and the drivers for many other chipsets are on the image however if you have a 3rd party adapter then some coding may be required however we can discuss on our FB page or Discord. We noticed as of yesterday, at least for the XU4, that PPSSPP is now broken with the upstream scripting so people should be aware and not uninstall is from our build if they use it otherwise if they want it back we are not seeing an ETA on when it will be able to be successfully compiled again.

    We honestly have another several hundred hours into this update and it just strengthens the point that the RetroPie dev team itself puts a tremendous amount of time into this distro which means that people need to appreciate the efforts that they have and are putting into something that is free.

    On a side note we are more than happy sharing our work with RetroPie itself to assist in providing more official support if so desired. All we need is for someone to reach out to us to discuss.

  • Tried it out over the weekend and it's looking good. I look forward to more features being added.

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