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Party Jerry Project

  • Hey,

    Just wanted to share some pictures of my Party Jerry Project.
    Small party pack build inside of Jerry canister.

    Here's the short version if you want to know anything else feel free to ask.

    • Small 12v power bank for screen. (Power switch build on top right corner.)
    • 5v power bank for raspberry and for recharging mobile phones.(there yoyo type usb-cable u can pull out if you open the cap of canister)
    • Geekworm 10 inch screen.
    • Rasperry 3.


    Uptime for screen is 2.5 hours. and will get second controller next to the first one.
    Took me a couple of Jameson's and a few months to build and would do a lot of things different if I would start making it now but it works.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor english.


  • Can imagine the Jameson coming in handy with some frustrating games!

  • @edb89 Get some! Outstanding build, love it!

  • @edb89 What's your most beloved arcade game?
    One more thing? Do you use a power switch like Mausberry, Powerblock or SHIM on/off? If no you can replace the power button with a momentary push button ;)

    Annother question: How is the black duct tape called?

    Is it TAPPER?

  • @edb89 Nice build and what a great idea for a case to hold everything. I love it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cyperghost

    Well from now on I think my favorite arcade game will be tapper :D

    Currently I don't have power button for raspb(current one is only for screen) but mby someday will add something like car switch from mausberry. Don't want to change the switch only to add raspb to current one because I like the sturdy look on heavy case I have.

    Don't know what you are referring with black duct tape so:

    • surrounding the door I used U shaped car door edge guards. (no glues or anything)
      similar to this one:
    • around screen and inside around "computer case" is protective rubber that can be used for metal sheets from 1-3mm. (Used power glue to keep it firmly in place)
    • on back wall behind Jameson and cola I have some noise isolation tape that is sold in hardware stores for doors and such.
    • Velcro tape I bought from store Biltema that is in Finland and Sweden. (Used better glues than ones that tape already had. covered some parts of original glues and velcro holding controller I bolted to plate).

    Hope you got the answer you were looking for.

  • This is pretty epic IMHO!!

    But if you are going jerry can look then I think one of the switches with the red flip cover (like a fighter jet) would make it look even better! :)

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