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Configuration for Retropie using only 4 buttons

  • Good day,

    I am restomodding an old burgertime cabinet with only 4 buttons. There's 2 'pepper' buttons and a player 1 and player 2 button. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to configure retroarch so that I can navigate and exit Retroarch using only 4 buttons? I would still one button 1 and 2 to be pepper, and start 1 and start 2 to be player one and player two. Can I use the 'hotkey' function to program a combination to exit the game? Is it possible to have 2 controllers configured for one rom? I do have an external usb port with a SNES controller plugged in and was hoping to use that for coin and things like save state and exit game.

    Thanks very much!alt text

  • If your button 1 and 2 are setup in ES as A and B, you have basic navigation. However, the button you are missing is SELECT. This doubles as the COIN button, so whatever you are planning for inserting coins should complete the setup. SELECT is typically used as the RetroArch hotkey as well, so this will enable hotkey exits in combination with P1 start.

    Your panel looks nice. I am curious what the rest of the cabinet looks like. Are you using a coin mech? If so, you have a SELECT "button" but you may want to consider a simple way to trigger it, as nobody wants to insert a coin to exit!

  • @caver01 Thanks very much! I think I will add another button inside the cabinet behind the door to solve this problem. In fact, I'll add 2 for Coin 1 and Coin 2 as it's just as easy to wire it up. Here's a photo of the rest of the cabinet. alt text

  • Can I ask what I should have the Player 1 and Player 2 buttons mapped to?

  • @roll_sk START

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