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Playstation 2 controllers w/usb adapter, and 2 player hit or miss.

  • Good afternoon/evening. I am hoping to get some insight on something. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running the latest retropie build. I have a usb adapter (have had it for over a decade) for playstation controllers. It works well for single player stuff, but this weekend I tried to let my kids play mario kart in 2 player mode and it sees there are 2 gamepads but does not allow the second person to choose a character. Other games tho it seems to work just fine. Also I am having issues where setting up the d-pads it does not do it at all. It says that the button has already been used when doing left joystick left/right/up/down. I have looked a the docs, and tried to figure it out on my own (for about 3 hours total thus far), but thus far not having any luck. I know how to reset the controller setups and go through the setup process again but I dont have any luck. Waiting on a pair of Snes usb controllers to get in, but any insight, tips or tricks would be awesome. Thanks

  • One thing that many of those controller adaptors is that they use 2 modes. Analog on and off. The controllers should be setup with the analog button light on, on the controller. If you have one controller with analog on and the other off. Based on how you setup the controller. Is that either one dpad may not work or be moved to the analog stick since they share configs since both have the same name.
    Thing is that analog is off by default.

  • Thank you, I will try this tonight when I get home. So I will leave the analog button on and re-set it up. I have noticed it is off by default, and was wondering about that but couldn't find any answers in any docs on it.

  • Ok, is there a way to not map the analog sticks on the Playstation controllers? I don't need them for playing SNES roms, and if there is a way to not map them and complete the setup of the controller that would be awesome.

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    @rivman05 In order to skip mapping a button in the input setup script, just long-press a button that was already mapped (i.e. A or B). This way, the analog joysticks will not be mapped.

  • @rivman05 if you don’t need the analog you can leave the button off and configure the controllers that way. Just make sure the analog light is off when you want to use the controllers.

  • @lostless with the “blue” adapters i have if you leave the analog button off on only the d-pad works. Nothing else.

  • @edmaul69 never had the issue. Guess I’ve never tried

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