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Gamecube Controllers on Retropie?

  • Hey everyone. I just had a quick question. Is there any possible way to use my Gamecube Controller Adapter on my Raspberry Pi 2. I want to use to play SNES games NES. If there is a way, could you be so kind as to letting my know how. Please and thank you.

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    The Raphnet adapters are the best. However, the analog triggers on Gamecube controllers have a few issues that are difficult to overcome outside of Windows. The triggers reach their full range of movement half way down and anything past that reads as movement in the other direction. Also there is some, for lack of a better term, bleeding of the analog input that reads as if it's coming from the thumbsticks.

    Both these issues are dealt with in the Raphnet Adapter Management Tool. However, I believe the software is Windows only. I've been able to solve both these issues with xboxdrv in RetroPie, but it's not straightforward. In fact, as much as I love using my Wavebird on RetroPie, I'd advise against using a Gamecube controller here unless you really want to dive into the weeds to get the job done.

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