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My NeoGeo Bartop

  • Well, just want to show off my bartop, lol
    I am a noob, my friend helped with the frame

    0_1518156913894_1.jpg image url)0_1518156919444_2.jpg 0_1518156923966_3.jpg 0_1518156927715_4.jpg

  • Nice design that's not too cluttered. I'm using the same ES theme by the way. :) What are the 2 x 3 buttons at the front for? 2 x 2 usually is select/coin + start for both players, but three per player?

  • @clyde Well, actually we mod the sticks and bottons with 2 usb controllers. The select is at the side, you can see the green button in picture 1. And the white buttons in the front are the start button. The 2 yellow buttons at the front for both 2 players are the turbo botton and clear button, so we can play cps games(like punisher, capcom commando) easiler without click the buttons rapidly

  • @wxdfever Thanks for the explanation. I noticed the side button but I thought it to be for pinball games.

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