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  • I am doing my first pi build with retropi using a zero. I'm going to build it in an Atari flashback case. I don't want to cut/Dremel if I don't have to, so I want to use the db9 that's already flush on the case for the controllers. I'm only going to play Atari games on it, so I'd like to keep it as original looking as possible. Are there any schematics to DIY it? Or can you use the GPIO pinouts for a controller? I've looked but can't seem to find any answers.

    Thanks everyone

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  • @mitu sweet. The hardware portion looks super simple. I am good at hardware mods, but I have no idea how to install the drivers for the joysticks. I've also never used any OS other than windows from 95 through 10. Is there a video tutorial for installing the driver somewhere? Can it be done via USB stick or is it command line stuff I would have to try to learn? Like I said, this is my first build. Getting the zero to run retropi is very straightforward and simple, command line and script is not easy for me.

    Thanks again

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    @arrowhead The driver is available to be installed from the RetroPie setup menu - in the Manage Packages / Manage driver packages section, so you don't need to install it manually. In fact, this is explained in the page I quoted, in the Installation section.

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