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MAME2003 less input lag than MAME4ALL?

  • I am very new to all this, and have been building a system on my pi from the ground up. After installing ROMs for MAME4ALL and getting them to work ok, I wanted to add some overlays. I was told that MAME2003 was newer and allow for those types of features.

    So last night I began installing a new set of ROMs using MAME2003, and unless I'm crazy, I feel like the controls have less lag. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? could this be true?

    If so... is there an even better MAME emulator that a Pi3 can use that might have better response?

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    @m0riarty Better response might be from the better performance of the emulator tested. MAME4ALL is based on an old mame version is no longer developed, things have improved over time.
    If you wish to investigate more, head on over to the docs and you can see all the available arcade emulators on RetroPie -

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