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script to run at startup to unset controller order at startup?

  • I have built a system that has geeekpie arcade sticks built in. I also sometimes would rather use my bluetooth ps3 controllers. I have installed the RetroPie-joystick-selection tool from github which makes it faster to access the configs to change controllers... it is quick to change the global (all) controller option which is cool, however, I have noticed that as you play various systems the individual (per emulator) player controller order seems to auto fill itself in. for example, I tested booting up the pie, manually went into every system I had and "unset" all the controllers for each system i have, then went into the global (All) and set up my playstation controller. then proceeded to play an NES game. went back into the emulator joystick config and saw that the NES specific joystick order now shows my ps3 controller as player 1 ...

    My issue, lets say I power off and come back some time later to play again, the NES specific player controller order for player one is now set to use the ps3 controller BUT I would rather use my geekpie arcade stick instead... Now, I get it, I can go back and unset the specific NES config and then change my global (All) player controller config to whatever other controller of my choosing but that seems pointlessly painful.

    what I am asking is if there is a script that can be set to run at start up that would "unset" the individual emulator specific controller orders. This way whenever I boot up all I would have to do is select my global (All) player 1&2 controller options and play on?

    I know there is a script out there that allows the pie to "Forget" everything about controllers but that is too much, I dont want to configure the buttons of whatever each time, that also sounds silly, I just want to forget the controller order for everything at startup. is such a thing available?

    Thanks a bunch for any advice you can give :)

    Here are some pics of the setup if ya wanted to see what i'm working with along with a screenshot of the items I want to reset to "Unset" at startup0_1518735363841_3.jpg
    1_1518735506669_2.jpg 0_1518735506669_1.jpg

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