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Good hidden gems

  • Hey anyone got any good hidden gems that they can recommend for any console? really appreciate it

  • Any specific genre you're looking for?

    I mean, just to narrow it down a little.

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    @isack4203 I like the fix it Felix Homebrew by airwalk studios on the megadrive.

  • One of my favorite gems is Legend Of The Mystical Ninja for the snes. Put so many hours into this back in the day.

  • @isack4203

    A few of my lesser known favorites:

    Devil's crush -Tg16/PC engine (it's pinball but quite fun)

    Air zonk - Tg16/PC engine (it's a shump but the music and character models are great)

    Pocky and Rocky - SNES

    Mickey's speedway - N64 (runs pretty good with glide plugin, similar to other racers but still fun)

    Alisia Dragoon - Genesis/MD

    If you have a specific type of game you are looking for a could make some more recommendations

  • @quicksilver said in Good hidden gems:

    Devil's crush -Tg16/PC engine (it's pinball but quite fun)

    Actually, I would love to hear about any great pinball game recommendations. I don't have any at all but would like to have some that more simulate playing a pinball machine. Actually would be sweet to have its own category in es.

    Looks like this has already been discussed:

  • @alturis alien crush is another on Tg16. I don't know that I would classify them as looking like a real pinball machine. Devil's crush I would say is the better of the two but they are both good.

  • @alturis

    • Epic Pinball (MS-DOS)
    • Pinball Fantasies (SNES, Game Boy, DOS, Amiga)
    • Pinball Dreams (SNES, Amiga, Game Boy)
    • Pinball Dreams II (MS-DOS)
    • Pinball Mania (MS-DOS, Amiga)
    • Psycho Pinball (MS-DOS, Sega Genesis)
    • Extreme Pinball (MS-DOS, PS1)
    • Absolute Pinball (MS-DOS)
    • Slam Tilt (Amiga)
    • Pinball Illusions (Amiga, MS-DOS)
    • True Pinball (PS1)
    • Timeshock (MS-DOS, PS1)

  • not sure what your preferred genre is so ill list a few of my personal favs

    Megadrive(im from uk suck it :D )
    Crusader of centy/Soleil Action-RPG(basicly the megadrive equiv of zelda not the most amazing game ever but worth a play)
    Rocket Knight Adventures (A solid platformer i once owned might play through this when i get chance for nostaliga)
    Shadowrun (challanging action-rpg game worth a play or two)
    Truxton(this shootemup was the bane of my existance in the old days never did finish it....still havent)

    Terranigma (Badass game the US missed out on as only JAP and PAL saw a release definitly reccomend this)
    seiken densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 (JAP only has an awesome english patch and i highly reccomend this game)
    Axelay (damn good shootemup)

    Future Cop LAPD (good multiplayer/coop mode and has a somewhat challanging singleplayer)
    Silent Bomber (run around blow stuff this game)
    Persona 2 Innocent Sin (has an english translation patch good rpg)
    Gunners Heaven (run n Gun game i rememebr playing a while back)

    Respect for suggesting extreme pinball still have the original ps1 disc for that :D

  • @isack4203 Ninja-50 on GBA. Great game.

  • Alter Ego on NES is a great homebrew.
    If you like vintage 2 player games, Fall Down on atari 2600 is intense as 2 player action gets (it's a homebrew also).

    I have a post with lots of great hacks and homebrews here - - anything on here with a translation pack would probably qualify as hidden, haha.

  • SNES - Demon's Crest

    PSX - Disruptor, Future Cop LAPD, Harmful Park

  • Whomp Em! My heritage! This and Assassin's Creed 3 are the only games I've played that celebrate Native American culture and history.

  • @brigane I second's the table that satisfied my pinball needs for the last 20 years and I still enjoy playing it. Not really a hidden gem though if you know anything about pinball simulations. Also it's a bit of a challenge to get it working properly in Dos. I don't recommend the PS1 version.. doesn't work in the libretro core and also has input lag.

    Street fighter III Second impact for FBA is a great hidden gem. Most people are not really familiar with the SFIII games, because when they first came out you could only play them either in the arcade or on the Dreamcast. It does not have a lot of familiar characters from Street Fighter II, but it's a brilliant and beautiful game. For competitive play SFIII Third strike is better, but for solo play I prefer Second impact (it's the only 2D Street fighter game in existence with a true widescreen mode and has better music, sound effects and backgrounds).

  • Gameboy Advance: Alien Hominid

  • Nes mighty bomb jack

  • @pittstone I like the style of Alien Hominid very much. Does the GA version have advantages over the others (Flash, PS2, GameCube, Xbox ā€¦), or do you just happen to have that one?

  • @clyde You can play it on a Pi? That's an advantage ;)

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