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METADATA not saving - Favorites will never remain tagged

  • Oh... No I get you ;)

    We are talking about this one here

    The other script was just for testing purposes if I understand the logic of the NESPICase mod done by @Yahmez

    By the way..... BASH is also capable of handling the pullup resistors.
    That's very nice, becasue now you just connect the switch with an GPIO to GROUND!

    raspi-gpio set YOURGPIONr ip pu sets up internal pull up resistor
    Now the PULLUP is setted 1 if it's not connected to ground
    Press the button and connect to ground and the pull is set to 0

    the logic

    until [[ $power == 0 ]]; do
    power=$(raspi-gpio get $GPIO_powerswitch | grep -c "level=1 fsel=0 func=INPUT")

  • @cyperghost Oh. Ok. Wow. That thing is getting pretty huge. I need to dig into this a bit. I like where things are going.

  • @caver01 Yes I posted a comment above

    but I like also to use the command line parameters

    --es-pid shows PID of ES binary, if ES isn't running then it's 0
    --rc-pid shows PID of runcoomand, if no runcommand (=emulator) is running then it's 0

    kind of swiss knife

  • @cyperghost ok we're back to having power button functionality but no metadata saving. I was able to quickly catch it complaining about the gameslist.xml:

    here's my ES log

  • @semper-5 Set "Save Gamelist on exit" in ES
    It's found in MainMenu > Other Settings > Save Metadata on exit (ON)

    That's a bit curious, because the scripts save metadata for me. In every usecase now (okay didn't scraped tons of emualtors but I see last played games and last accessed game)

    Furthermore, does the reset button works?

    If you are in ES main screen and press reset ... it will reload ES (NOT REBOOT!)
    if you have an emulator running it will bring you back to ES main screen

    I release the next version in a short time
    I added ... check user priviliges (if you need root and aren't using sudo, It will stop the script)
    I added ... check raspi-gpio package (If not installed, then print error message, and stop the script)

  • @cyperghost yup I checked the Save Metadata on Exit. And the buttons all work great and exactly as you described.

    I'm just stumped why I'm getting these lines of errors AGAIN :(
    I seriously starting to think I'm cursed or something.

  • @semper-5 I upgraded script with packages check and user priviliges.
    If you want to upgrade remove old script with rm before using wget!
    But this won't help you in your issue now.
    Is the metadata is saved on regular exit via main menu?

    I'm starting to integrate the NESPi+ for this script!

    Even with scraping games, setted to favourites and run the game
    Then called script via ./ --es-poweroff
    My scraped data was not removed, game was found in favorites and it was marked as last accesed ;)

    So everything is fine!

  • @cyperghost ok I had to wipe everything and start from a fresh image again. that fixed those weird errors with the XMLs.

    Power button: works
    Reset button: works
    Tag favorite games: works
    Remove tags: doesn't work

    so the only little snag is that you can add favorites but you can never remove them. for some reason ES doesn't unmark/delete the favorites attribute in the gamelist.XML

  • @semper-5 That seems to be a bug in ES itself! I'm using an older version and I can remove the Favourite-tag and it will still be removed after reboot/poweroff done with script

  • @cyperghost ok I figured it out :)
    it's a little bit of a bug but totally fixable.

    ES uses both gamelist.xml found at /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/gamelists/"console"/ and /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/"console"/

    so if there's no gamelist.xml in the console folder under roms, it will use the one found in configs. for some reason it doesn't remove entries, only adds them.

    it will also not untag favorites if you DO have a gamelist.xml in your roms but DON'T have an entry in your gamelist.xml for the tagged favorite game.

    Best word of advice: scrape like you've never scraped before lol

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