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Game Boy Player Bezels / Overlays - Complete Set for Game Boy Advance

  • Hello guys.

    I found a not so complete set of Game Boy Player Screen Frames at and have modify them to create overlays to use with Retroarch at 1080p. For those who doesn't know what it is, it was something like the Super Game Boy but for the Game Boy Advance so that you could play GBA games on your Game Cube. Below is a link to download them from mega.

    Game Boy Player Overlays Download

    You have to add the pngs with their .cfg files here:


    And you have to change the size of your GBA games in Retroarch with these numbers:

    custom_viewport_width = "1155"
    custom_viewport_height = "770"
    custom_viewport_x = "380"
    custom_viewport_y = "150"

    Here's a few examples of the borders:




    Here is the Super Gameboy Overlays related post:

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