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ipac2 stuck in shift mode?

  • I gave up on the GPWIZ..... so now when i attempt to "configure inputs" using my ipac2 the keys are being defined in shift mode. Example: when assigning the joystick input, I press down (which is wired to "1down" on the ipac) it should be assigned as "down" but instead it is assigned as "p" which is the shifted key for down with the ipac, so in mame and atari 2600 it keeps pausing every time i press down on the joystick. When assigning "right"(wired to 1right on the ipac) with the joystick it is defined as "tab" which makes the mame menu pop up every time I press right. This is happening with every key I try to assign, it's defining them as their ipac "shifted" keys. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm pulling my hair out over here.

  • IIRC shift mode is normally triggered by the player 1 start (labelled 1STRT) button jammed on or grounded. I would start by checking the cabling.

  • @simonster thank you!!! that was it. These crappy micro leaf microswitches I got from groovy game gear keep flopping around and messing things up.

  • No problem, when I had an ipac2, I had a similar issue with a ground wire that when the cab was closed would push on the side of the start button live connection, took me ages to work out.

  • @dj-wheels That's too bad about the microswitches. I got all of my pushbutton and joystick components from them (this was ages ago) and I have not had problems. I think I had one switch failure since 2009 out of 48 switches (cherry).

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