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Megadrive to Genesis Change Not Working

  • Pi model: pi3
    Power supply: 5V/2.5A (came with Smraza Case)
    RetroPie version: 4.3
    Built From: SD image on retropie website
    USB Devices connected: Apple keyboard
    Controller used: 8bitdo F30 pro (bluetooth)
    Error messages received: none
    Guide used: Megadrive page on retropie website
    File: opt/configs/all/platforms.cfg
    Emulator: lr-picodrive & lr-genesis-plus-gx
    Config File: platforms.cfg
    How to replicate the problem:

    1. Create platforms.cfg file
    2. Add megadrive_platform=“genesis” to platforms.cfg
    3. Add megadrive_theme=“genesis” to platforms.cfg
    4. Copy platforms.cfg to opt/configs/all
    5. Update lr-picodrive & lr-genesis-plus-gx from binary in retropie setup
    6. Reboot retropie

    I followed the instructions to change the Megadrive theme to Genesis on the retropie website, but it’s not working. Instead of Megadrive being replaced with Genesis, the Megadrive folder on the console select screen is just plain black text with no images at all.

    I used the same platforms.cfg method to change the PC Engine to TurboGrafx-16, and that worked fine. I’ve checked the spelling, rechecked, copied the text directly from the website, deleted and recreated the platforms.cfg file from scratch, and it’s not working. I’ve looked at different sites and youtube videos, and walked through the steps a dozen times. I always get the same result.

    I thought the problem could be related to the Showcase theme, but changing to any other theme (Carbon, Simple, etc.) had the same problem. At this point, I’m out of ideas.

  • V2 of my toolkit may help you out. I have a script to do this exact thing.

    If you take a look at my channel (in my sig) the legacy (old) version of my retropie toolkit will also do this for you.

    Hope this helps!
    Forrest/Shakz/Eazy Hax

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