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Ps3 controller question

  • Hi all,
    I'm revamping my retropie experience by having a games room in my conservatory.
    I currently use 4 ps2 controllers with usb to ps2 adapters, but the cables are not long enough and someone always leans back pulling my pi straight off the tv cabinet which isn't very practical.
    I have a wireless ps3 controller which I can connect no problem with Bluetooth after a little research but my research has left me a little confused.
    I'm about to purchase 3 more so I have 4 wireless controllers to use as I play alot of 4 player games but I seen alot of mention regarding the phrases "sixaxis" and "ds3" is there more than one type of ps3 controllers and if so does one work better as I'd obviously like to get the ones with the best playing experience.

  • @robmcc83 Sixaxis = no vibration. DS3 = vibration.

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