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Feature Request: RetroPie-Setup - Update All with exclusions

  • Can we have an (optional) step in the Update All script that allows you to exclude packages from the update?

    I'm thinking of a simple menu with all installed packages and you just check/uncheck a box for each one. If it's unchecked then that package gets skipped. Bonus points if the menu states whether the package is going to be updated from Binary or Source.

    The only workaround, as far as I can see, is to manually update each package individually, which sucks if you have lots of packages installed.

    If this functionality already exists and I'm too much of a dullard to see it, feel free to let me know.

  • I think that you can explicitly mark packages to not be updated when update all is run, outside of RetroPie Setup, via the command line.

    I haven't used it myself but had read about it in the past. See if it dies what you expect and let us know how it goes. Do back things up before trying in case it doesn't prevent the update.

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    @pjft I think he's referring to the scriptmodules as packages rather than apt packages.

    In either case I don't see why update all installed isn't a sufficient option, or just updated selected ones.

  • @herb_fargus I would like to exclude all packages that are build from source from time to time, just to speed things up and to be sure that I have not forgot something important.

    I'm also using a custom version of ScummVM with custom controller mappings that I always have to rebuild after I did a full update.

  • @herb_fargus I indeed meant scriptmodules if that's the proper name for the things that are called packages in the RetroPie Setup menus.

    I can only restate my reasoning from the original post. If you want to exclude one or two packa... err, scriptmodules... from being updated while updating all others you have no choice but to go through every single installed package updating them individually.

    Which, as I said in the original post, is a tiny bit su...boptimal.

  • I would love this since I use mame2003-plus and there's no binary for that, so updating everything will take quite a bit of time.

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