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My home build Arcade Bartop with Ghost`n Gobelins theme

  • My home build Arcade Bartop with Ghost`n Gobelins theme

    Arcade Bartop

    Check out my home build Arcade Bartop with Ghost`n Gobelins theme.
    Innside Bartop there are Raspberry Pi3 and retropie system:
    [video view](


    I`ll leave a link on the project later :-)

    This is my first project to build a Arcade Bartop and now i am going to build 3 more :-)


    0_1520731927128_Arcade Bartop 1.jpg

    3d Printed Raspberry pi logo for speaker protection

    0_1520731959569_Arcade Bartop 2.jpg

    0_1520731979597_Arcade Bartop 5.jpg

    3d Printed logo of Raspberry Pi on back door

    0_1520732067164_Arcade Bartop 3.jpg

    0_1520732102528_Arcade Bartop 4.jpg

    Here is a link where i bought Ghost`n Gobelins graphics to bartop : Rockstarprint

    3D View of Ghost`n Gobelins #GRAPHICS# : 3d view

  • @cardinalez76 Very nice build. *thumbsup* I just have to point out that Gobelin is a brand of tapestry, whereas Goblins are little monsters. :)

  • Noice!

  • Awesome job man ! The chrome t-molding and trim make the whole theme click. I like the fact you have the amp control knobs mounted so they are adjustable outside of the cab.

  • Awesome job. One suggestion for your labeled buttons. If you use a label maker and print on clear label then you wont see the decal the way you do now. This is a really sweet cade with an awesome theme. I like that you made the bezel blue as that is something i have seen in the arcade for this game and other capcom games.

  • This is awesome man. I love it!

  • Hi,

    Did you buy or build your Cab?

    Trying to find a decent one for a 19" monitor

  • Nice bartop! I love Ghosts'n Goblins! :) Not too far of my own build design-wise, even though it's themed differently. Do you have some build pictures?

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