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Question about playlists/collections in regards to Genres.

  • Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I'm a complete newcomer to this scene. Here's my situation:

    I'm interested in getting a bartop arcade cabinet for my new place when I'm starting at Uni, I know next to nothing about arcade builds but from what I'd gathered using Raspberry Pi running RetroPie (and Emulation Station) would be a great choice.

    All the different themes and the way it's setup looks awesome, but I've noticed that seemingly everybody uses their Pi/Retropie to play all kinds of games, both consoles, PC and handheld etc. Thing is, I ONLY want to use my arcade machine to play arcade games.

    As I've seen the front end in Retropie (Emulation Station?) is set up so that games are categorized by systems, i.e. NES, Genesis, Playstation etc. Since I only will be using it for arcade games, I wouldn't need all those categories and instead I'd like to categorize the games in genres (I like scrolling through categories as for me it's like choosing from a magazine, so I'd much prefer that to simply pressing a button to filter it all).

    As I understand you can have custom collections, but is there a way to have these categories displayed in a "natively" appealing/fitting way to the theme you use? Like when people make these great themes, all of the systems have cool icons and fit in the certain style that's used. The place where you chose what systems you'd like to have on your front end, do they also have other stuff like genres and developers etc? If not do some people also have this kind of stuff in mind when designing their themes? Or do you yourself have to make these icons?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the (stupid?) questions, as said I know next to nothing about this.

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    Some theme authors provide support for custom collections, including providing the images for them. See for instance the SNES Mini or Chicuello themes. If the author did not provide an image for this custom system, then you need to provide your own.

  • Hi mate I removed all the unwanted systems off for my cabinet. I found people going straight into stuff like Amiga and Playstation where you need keyboard or Analogue inputs. I have Arcade, nes & snes, master system & mega drive. Simple is better on a cab...i think.

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