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Rainbow screen + Lightning bolt

  • So, I know that this question has been asked around a lot, but so far I have yet to find a solution that works for me. Also, sorry for the long novel, I tried to put as many details as possible in hopes that it will helps. Here it goes: two days ago, I received my RaspeberryPi 3B+ that I bought on (the starter kit, with the 5.25V 2.4A power pupply, so I don't think it's a power issue).

    The first time, I immediately did everything that was written on the "Getting started" guide here:
    I managed to follow all the steps without a hitch. The Ethernet LED was green-ish/yellow and the PWR (power?) LED was continuously on (no blinking).

    So, after that, I tried to install RetroPie on my PI. But the weird thing is that every time that I plugged the card in my computer, two new ports appeared (E:/ and J:/). E:/ had like 50 MB of space while J:/ was simply un-readable. Also, when I plugged it in my computer, Windows asked me to format J:/, I refused. After, I tried writing the RetroPIE image my SD card on E:/, but that failed (I got the rainbow + lightning icon + blinking PWR LED + Ethernet LED turned off). Here's a pic of what the screen looked like:

    Second try: I followed step by step the instructions from this video, using the same programs as this guy:

    So I plugged the SD card in my computer, I format J:/ using SD Formatter. After that operation, J:/ has "disappeared" and E:/ now has 14.5 Gb of free space. So, again, I write the RetroPie image (dowloaded for the official website, extracted using 7zip) to my SD card (E:/). Everything went fine, but when I plug it in my TV, I still get the rainbow screen with the lightning icon, the blinking PWR LED and the Ethernet LED turned off.

    And that's it. Do you guys have any idea?

    Thanks a bunch

  • It's working. Thanks a lot!!!

  • @vincentl did you get the pad to at some I'm can't on the 3plus I can co for just won't play rom tryed ps3 ps4 nes and keyboard they all navigate just won't play

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