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RetroPie 4.4 and Kodi 18 Builds?

  • now that retropie 4.4 is based on stretch, might we start soon seeing Kodi 18 test builds? when looking at LibreElec/OSMC test builds didn't start till they moved to Raspbian Stretch. i don't understand much or know Squat but i guess it was a Requirement or something?

  • You can download pre-releases from the Kodi website and use them, however being in alpha they may cause problems.

  • @jono would that just mean compiling from master branch be building for 18 not 17.6?

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    Making Kodi test builds available seems to be a bit extraneous for a retro-gaming distribution to me personally, but this is a proposition best discussed with @Rascas and ultimately BuZz would need to approve it's inclusion. As far as adding it yourself, I believe compiling Kodi from source for the Pi is not a simple, or straightforward task. Again, perhaps Rascas can shed some light on that possibility.

  • Raspbian Stretch is not a requirement for Kodi 18.
    Kodi 18 will be available on Raspbian Stretch when the final/stable version of Kodi 18 is available.
    We might provide some tests builds of Kodi 18 when it gets closer to the final version, like beta or rc versions.

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