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Looking for the right transistor for LED control circuit

  • Hey there,

    I have a ceiling lamp with a remote and RGB LEDs built in but the LEDs all died over time, so I bought some LED-strip, hooked it up to the controller that was already inside for the old LEDs and it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later the chip on the little "LED power supply" that was inside burnt out completely and the LEDs shut off.

    While trying to find that out I apparently destroyed one of the transistors that control the LED colors and now the green light won't turn off unless I cut the power. I already checked this with a multimeter, the transistor is definitely dead and has almost no resistance in it's off-state.

    What's inside is a D882P G18.I foundĀ this datasheet and took that to my local electronics store but they said they last ordered one like that in 2010.

    This one is the closest I found but it has an Emitter-Base-Voltage of 5V and the old one has 6V.

    The problem is that I understand what a transistor does, but when I go on the website of an electronics seller, I am overwhelmed by how many types of transistors there are and I feel like a 5 year old.

    Unfortunately, I can't find any info about the controller, which is an "I-Free EMC FC-226RGB".

  • @meideolian Hello! This is forum for the support of Retropie - is this LED in a build? An arcade box? What problems are you having with your retropie build? Are you controlling the LEDs with the Pi?

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