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Arcade controlling dos games recommendations

  • So, I'm in the middle of creating a 2-Player arcade bartop with two arcade joysticks and six buttons per player also with a start and select button for each player. I want to start creating a list of playable dos games if I were to use this setup with dosbox keymapper.
    What games do you recommend?
    Is it possible to simulate a mouse in dosbox by using an arcade joystick?
    Is this a waste of time and should I use a small keyboard instead?

  • @brigane if you had a trackball you could use that as a mouse. Otherwise i would use a small keyboard/ mouse combo.

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    For my DOSBox setup, I have mouse control set to a toggle. By default my left thumbstick acts as the standard joystick for DOSBox, but with a button press it's able to control mouse movement. I also have it set to change the two joystick buttons to left and right mouse clicks. This works well for the Atari ST and Amiga systems too, as several games need to be launched from an emulated desktop environment. Once the game is launched, I press the toggle button again and it reverts back to being a joystick. All that said, I still use a mouse and keyboard when I feel they're better suited. It all depends on the situation and the game.

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