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8bitdo Bluetooth controller writing in command line

  • Hello,
    I try to use my 8bitdo controller to play on my raspberry pi, and the inputs don't work when playing Super mario 64 using Bluetooth. The joysticks work (I can move the hand in super mario 64 at the beggining) but I can't press start (I tried every button). It works if I use the USB cable, but not with Bluetooth. The thing to note is that on the bottom of the screen I can see that all my inputs write something in the command line (for example : a writes ^[[C and L button skips a line). When I play snes or any other console, it works perfectly (but I can't press any buttons when it says "Press a button to configure"... It does the same problem). If I launch Mario kart 64, my inputs work, but they are not organized the same way as if I connect my controller with the USB cable.

    Actually, this seems to be more a Bluetooth problem... Anyway, I'd like to have your thoughts about this.

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