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Using external USB for roms on Multiple Retropie Installs

  • Ive been running Retropie 4.3 for a while now. I am running with roms on an extrnal usb configured per the wiki and it runs great I'm really glad you guys (devs) included that option. I searched for this problem but couldn't find anything on the forums that address this specific issue. So 4.4 came out. Is possible for me to take my other pi (a pi3b) install 4.4 on it and then plug my roms usb stick from the 4.3 setup. Will that blowup the stuff on the usb? Is it tied to just that one instance. Thanks !!

  • I didn't have a problem. I have a 128GB USB stick that I use in both. The only thing that goes on the SD Card is the install. I was using mine for a while between the 3B with 4.3 and the 3B+ with 4.3.15. When they went to 4.4 I didn't notice an issue. Still worked for me.

    I have all the images/scrapes saved to the <system>/images folders and the gamelist.xml files seem to read just fine.

  • Great, thank you for the quick response I appreciate it!

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