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Pi 3 won't boot

  • I went to access kodi 17.4 today on my pi 3 and the screen was dim and frozen. Using juice I ssh'd to do a sudo reboot. The reboot happened and when retropie launched it said no game pads detected. I tried ssh in again but it wouldn't connect. I had to pull the plug. When I attempted booting up my TV went blank like it was about to display something then went back to the Screensaver. Looking at the pi I saw only a red light on. I shut it off again pulled the SD card and wrote the 4.4 image file and attempted booting again. Same result. Is my pi done, if so has anyone used odroid and what are the benefits and draw backs? Thanks.

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    @alrdtakn1 Looks like the SD card has errors and the PI cannot read the files off it. Use another SD card ?

  • @mitu thank you I am trying that now, it is able to be read by my pc which would lead me to believe it isn't an SD card. I may be wrong about that though.

  • Update : I have now tried 3 different SD cards, two different power supplies all 2.5a supplies. Different cables nothing connected to the pi aside from a power supply and SD card. Numerous outlets as well. I still only get a red light, not even a flash of green or any other color from the ACT led. I'm guessing the SD reader is out. Unless anybody has any other suggestions to remedy the situation; I am looking at either getting another pi 3b (doesnt seem like the + variant is worth it) or another board like the odroid. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Gotta live the support community here.

  • @alrdtakn1 odd suggestion but try a wedge between the pi and micro SD...

    If it fixes it, then a bad reader... if not, then a broken pi

  • Either way it sounds like I should replace it. Not too bad considering they're pretty cheap. Thinking about the odroid though. Anybody have any experience?

  • I just received my new pi and all is working now. Time to start the rebuild and customization. I tried backing my old build on my pc before i started having issues, 64gb card, but it would always fail at 39gb when writing the image to my 2tb hard drive. Even with multiple readers.

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