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lr mame2003 - double inputs with IPAC2

  • Is there a way to stop lr-mame2003 reading both the keyboard and the Retropad (which is also the keyboard)? I'm getting double inputs when I try to bind a key because of that. I searched and found a post about setting all the retroarch bindings to "nul", which works but then I can't navigate the Retroarch menu. Is there a cleaner way?

  • I also had a hard time with this despite following everyone's advice of carefully setting keybindings in retroarch vs mame. My problem was that on a vanilla install, my IPAC2 keybindings were overlapping / conflicting with the MAME's keybindings.

    To fix this issue, I ended up flashing my IPAC2 controller with a new bios from Ultimarc that sets up the IPAC2 to be 2 controllers instead of a keyboard emulator. It worked beautifully and made things WAY EASIER with retropie.

    Hope that helps!

  • mame2003-plus has a new input mode specifically for this purpose.

    It is activated via a core option which allows the core to process input through the either mame_keyboard interface or the retropad -- or both simultaneously as with classic mame2003 (although that is not as useful as you are finding out).

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