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Games not saving...

  • I am now fully aware of the rules... but, after playing Legend of Zelda for a while, then closing the game, I'm not able to come back to my previous save. Any tips?

  • It doesn't automatically save your progress. You have to save to a save state by pressing your hotkey and what ever you have mapped to be the X button and choosing save state. Then, when you launch Legend of Zelda you have to load your save state by again accessing the menu (hotkey+X) and choosing load state. Hope this helps!

  • It's not working. I'll figure something out.

  • @pandamkii

    Try resetting the roms directory permissions from the Retropie-setup.

  • @TheDataCereal Where do I do that in the retropie setup screen?

  • @pandamkii Oh god, I found it, and I can't play my ROMS anymore.

  • If I were to guess I think you may have just accidentally reset the permission to just you or just admin. The blunt hammer fix is to set the permission to everyone.

    I don't know that I would leave it this way but it should let you breath knowing this is at least one fix.

    Also if we are talking NES legend there is a built in save state but it is not automatic., After you die you have to select save to save any progress you made. It shouldn't require a save slot on Retropie. At least mine doesn't.

  • @pandamkii Can you ssh in and check permissions on the rom directories and roms?

  • I'll go into the ssh, can anyone give me the code I need to run through?

  • If it’s the nes Zelda, you had to die and chose save game to save progress. It was never automatic.

  • I think that before anyone can walk you through specific steps to undo what you might have done we would need to know what you done did.

    In other words I could say from a command line sudo chmod 755 -R (directory path) but that is assuming changing the permission set of the folder is in fact what you did in the "Oh god, I found it..." post. It shouldn't hurt anything but it might also be unrelated to your true problem. You might have accidentally done something else that hosed things and we are presuming you just changed the permission as a logical conclusion from what has been said so far.

    I would feel bad if we gave you instructions to dig a deeper hole.

    Homer"I know! We'll dig our way out."
    Quimby"Dig UP stupid."

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