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EmulationStation Grid View v1 ready for wider testing

  • Update:

    1 system (megadrive)
    2 custom systems (that I entered in es_systems)
    Retropie settings
    3 custom collections
    3 auto collections

    When I back out of the gamelist view from the megadrive system, the system carousel is smooth scrolling.
    When I back out of any of the others custom system/custom collections etc, the system carousel stutters.

    Hope this helps.

  • @paffley The grid view is way more resource hungry than the detailed list view or even the video list view, because it load a lot of images. Usually, when such system is created, the developers have control over the images which are used and make sure those are low quality and lightweight images, which isn't the case in our situation, because those were scrapped by the user.

  • Thanks @A12C4 that makes sense. Grid view is so cool man.

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