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Please help (games not showing)

  • I have a new retropie machine and I'm new to all of this. I somehow got down the rabbit hole of retropie settings and screwed things up.

    I think I went to update the retropie and now things got messed up none of my games will load correctly or at all

    mkdir cannot create directory m/tmp/retroarch no space left on device

    I have no idea what to do I just want my games to work again should I reboot retropie

  • Follow this link first and provide the necessary information:

    Also you may want to post the output of the 'df -h' command.

  • I have no idea what you talking I just need some help or hints not a list of rules PLEASE I need help I don't understand any of this none of my games work

  • I don't understand coding or any of this I thought this place would help it's more confusing then ever

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    We need information about your setup and the steps you took to get where you currently are. The link above details the information we need from you in order to help. If you're unable to fill out that information, I'm afraid your best course of action may be to simply start over.

  • The rules referred to are ones telling you to list what your system is, which makes it easier for someone to help you. As an analogy, think of your question as being like calling a car mechanic and saying “I’ve got a car and it’s broken. How do I fix it?” The mechanic is going to need some more information than that.

    Go to that link and copy the list into a message. Then try to fill it in as best you can.

  • I don't even know what the questions are I'm using Raspberry Pi I tried updating retropie something happened to where now no games are loading up sorry I'm new to all of this I just wanted a retro machine to play some games and now it's backfiring on me and I'm out of a lot of money

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    I just wanted a retro machine to play some games and now it's backfiring on me and I'm out of a lot of money

    We see problems like this come up a lot with pre-made RetroPie setups found on places like EBay and Amazon. Unfortunately, the machines shipped out are usually just hanging by a thread of functionality due to the seller's lack of care/knowledge. As a result, we are unable to support these particular setups. RetroPie is actually free and runs on very inexpensive hardware. It's really important that you set the system up yourself so that you'll be more intimately acquainted with the components and better understand what may have gone wrong as problems arise. The good news is that, despite being initially scammed by an unscrupulous seller, you now own all the components necessary to begin fresh with a clean install of your own making. Should choose to do so, all the information you'll need is laid out here.

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