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Neo geo Rom weird graphics

  • Hello ,

    I am working on my raspi 3 B+ with retropie 4.4.

    Many Neo geo roms are working correctly, but for a few of them (like metal slug 5), I have a weird graphics (see picture).

    Made some research, but did not found any solution.

    Any advice?

    1_1527537715886_IMG_20180528_214906.jpg 0_1527537715885_IMG_20180528_214938.jpg

  • That's a very weird video glitch. I can't confirm 100% but I'm fairly sure I tried out Metal Slug 5 some time in the past and it worked well.

    What's your setup - image, hardware, etc?

    Edit: I see you mentioned the hardware. Was it from a stock image from this site? Video monitor, connection to display, resolution, etc? Power adapter?

  • It is retropie 4.4 form this website.

    connected by HDMI to a TV in 1360x740 60Hz.

    metal slug from 1 to 4 works, but 5 doesnt .....this is weird....

    using lr-fbalpha for all games.

  • @hellasius install lr-fba2012 and try it on that one.

  • I can confirm it runs well on lr-fbalpha (2.97.42). I'm running it at 1080p@60Hz though.

  • @hellasius I can't reproduce your issue, make sure you have a valid romset.

  • Thank you all for your help.

    @edmaul69 do you have an easy step by step to install lr-fba2012 ?

  • @hellasius said in Neo geo Rom weird graphics:

    Thank you all for your help.

    @edmaul69 do you have an easy step by step to install lr-fba2012 ?

    There is no reason to downgrade the emulator when current fbalpha is running this game fine, downgrading fbalpha for reasons other than performance in a few games is always a bad idea. Give the full version of fbalpha you are currently running (bottom left of the retroarch menu) so i can check if this is not a bad commit.

  • @barbudreadmon I don't get it when you say bottom left of the retroarch menu.
    I never used retroarch.

  • @hellasius said in Neo geo Rom weird graphics:

    using lr-fbalpha for all games.

    If you are not using retroarch, then you are not using lr-fbalpha, retroarch is the frontend for lr-fbalpha. If you are using pifba (the only fba emulator not running behind retroarch in retropie), it's not surprising you get those issues.

  • @barbudreadmon I confirm that i am runing my neo geo roms with FBAlpha (it is writen when starting the roms).
    I succed opening retroach during the game, version is 1.7.1 FB Alpha V0.2.97.42 e758230

  • @hellasius said in Neo geo Rom weird graphics:


    That's not a commit with potential issues. If you already made sure you have the right romsets for both and (verifying romsets is the first thing you should do when dealing with arcade emulators), the only possibility i can see is a corrupted support file associated with this game, go into the fba subdirectory of your savefile directory (not sure where it is located in retropie, you can figure it out by opening retroarch.cfg and searching for the savefile_directory line) and try removing any file starting with "mslug5"

  • I'm inclined to suggest this is related to power adapter issues, video mode, HDMI or something other than FBA here.

    @Hellasius what power adapter are you using?

    Can you try to plug it into a different TV/monitor and see if it still happens?

    Your /boot/config.txt file over pastebin might also come in handy, in case you changed it for the video mode or something.

  • The thing i am wondering is did you try downloading the rom from another site cause the rom you have could be the problem as well and not the emulation.

  • @ecks it might certainly be.

    I'm slightly skeptical of that being the case in arcade sets because there are some thorough CRC checks for each individual ROM file inside the zip but... I suppose it certainly may happen.

  • After testing out both Metal Slug 5 and Metal Slug 5 Plus on my Pi 3B+ it might as well been his rom cause on mine it is working perfectly.

  • I tried several roms (metal slug 5) from several website, always the same....

    I also tried on another smaller TV with VGA, it's the same.

    I feel it is more like a bad graphic parameter, that need to be changed for this Roms, but I don't realy know what and where....

    Other metal slug from 1 to 4 works correclty..

  • @hellasius said in Neo geo Rom weird graphics:

    I tried several roms (metal slug 5) from several website, always the same....

    Yeah, basically you didn't read arcade documentation on romsets, and now you have issues. After asking several times if you made sure you had the right romset and having no answer, i should have known. Don't expect any more help from me, bye.

  • @barbudreadmon

    We have added rom loading information to mame2003 when its a bad crc ect so users know will know when a bad load happens when looking at /dev/shm.

    That is a problem that mame and fba have in common if the filename is the same with the wrong crc it will load it anway and try the version you have which is a reasonable behavior.

    If this event was logged the user would know the wrong rom was loaded when looking at the ra logging.

    [libretro INFO] [MAME 2003+] Opening ROM file: sf2e.30g
    [libretro INFO] [MAME 2003+] read_rom_data: All done
    [libretro INFO] [MAME 2003+] Opening ROM file: sf2e.37g
    [libretro INFO] [MAME 2003+] read_rom_data: All done
    [libretro INFO] [MAME 2003+] Opening ROM file: sf2e.31g

    if the crc was wrong that would show in our logs maybe you guys are doing that already. It just makes things easier for us to figure out if someone is using the wrong romset.

  • @grant2258 I do something similar, i guess the output could get some rework though.

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