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[Solved] How to completely disable joypad, kodi

  • Hello all,
    My Rpi3+ box is mainly for emulationstation, but I recently loaded the kodi package to play around with that.

    I have the iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad ... the ghost inputs in emulationstation are tolerable, but in kodi it drives me insane.

    Since I only invoke kodi from ES, is there some way I can completely disable the joypad device when entering that, and then have it restored to normal function upon returning to ES?

    I'm thinking either a run command or script pre/post script commands that can enable/disable the device from the OS would be best.


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    @jamesnj Wouldn't it be easier to disable the joypad in Kodi ? How do you control Kodi ?

  • Not as simple as I had thought... but not as complicated as it could have been 😬.

    You need to:

    1. Click on Apps/Add-on Browser
    2. Click My Add-ons
    3. Scroll down and click on Peripheral Libraries
    4. Click on Joystick Support
    5. Click Disable

    Im on Kodi 17.4 still not sure if there is an update.

    EDIT: these are settings from within Kodi.

  • @jamesnj have tried using a self powered usb hub and plugging the ibuffalo into that? Some people have had that fix their ghost inputs on their ibuffalo.

  • @edmaul69 said in How to completely disable joypad:

    @jamesnj have tried using a self powered usb hub and plugging the ibuffalo into that? Some people have had that fix their ghost inputs on their ibuffalo.

    Agreed. Fix the iBuffalo if possible rather than taking the long way around the barn.

    Edit: I have a few iBuffalo controllers. They do work much better when connected to a reliable powered hub.

  • Hmm, thanks. I didn't hear about the powered hub idea. I'm using one of those retroflag PI which has a built-in hub, but likely not as good as one with an external power supply.

    First I'll try to disable it in kodi add-ons. Right now I control kodi with keyboard and am getting one of those remotes that emulates keyboard presses.

    Thanks all for the help!

  • @jamesnj I find the “Kodi Remote” app for iPhone fantastic. It auto detects and configures when connected to the same network connection. I don’t use Joypads in Kodi either.

    There are lots of options out there to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Thanks much for the help! @ChuckP, the kodi disable seemed to work well .... I have my sanity back ;)

    As for remote, I ended up trying the Android "Kore" app, which seems to work well enough for what I want to do. I'm still searching for an inexpensive hybrid remote like the MX3 pro that I can use in both retropie/kodi, but I haven't found one that can do IR learning for volume control, etc (or else the product claims/reviews are confusing).

    But in any case I marked this solved and added kodi to end to help anyone else searching for this sort of thing.


  • @jamesnj if you want a solution for both, you could use the Virtual Gamepad option within RetroPie. You would use your phone connected to the RetroPie IP address and it gives you an onscreen joypad. That may also work within Kodi if you re-enable the joystick support and setup the gamepad within the Input settings.

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