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Unrecognized PS3 controller

  • Hi,

    I've got latest Retropie running on Raspberry 3. It has been installed on top of OSMC using retrosmc script.

    I own a genuine red PS3 controller but can't have it recognized by Retropie, neither with original USB cable nor onboard bluetooth. I tried both GUI and CLI. The 4 red LED flash forever.

    I have a MX3 2.4 Ghz (radio) wireless keyboard with a dongle which is recognized.

    bluetoothctl and sixad didn't help. I can't even get my PS3 controller mac address.

    I'm confused about concurrent bluetooth support for OSMC and Retropie (should it be on? can I connect more one than device?). However it doesn't explain why the controller doesn't work when plugged with USB cable.

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?


  • Global Moderator

    @mrbloo Your Linux install (OSMC) doesn't seem to contain the PS3 drivers. What's the kernel version on your OSMC ? What's the output of dmesg | tail after you plug in your controller ?

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