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Freeplay Theme

  • (Now available in ES Themes on June 9th)


    System Select Screen Detailed Game List


    • Layout optimized for small 4:3 screens (Freeplay Zero/CM3, Gameboy Zero, PiGrrl Zero, etc)
    • Video View support
    • Custom Collections, Favorites, All Games, Last Played support
    • Multiple color variations (can edit color.xml file as noted in Readme file, or use the utility at to install & maintain all 12 possible color variations at once)

    Recommended EmulationStation UI Settings

    • Carousel Transitions: ON
    • Transition Style: Instant
    • Gamelist View Style: Automatic

    NOTE: Prior to RetroPie v4.5, some visual effects (specifically the horizontal-wheel carousel effect) require installation of the Experimental Module "emulationstation-dev". The theme has still been tested to fall back to the standard horizontal-scrolling carousel if emulationstation-dev is not installed, which still looks good IMO.

  • Theme is now installable through es-themes / RetroPie-Setup. You'll need to update the RetroPie-Setup script to get it to show up.

  • Very good theme, like the simplicity. Seems this theme is optimized for marquees, can you help me - if you allow that of course - to made some xml edit to show game info instead of marquee on right up side of the screen? I've already added X68000 support and this would make the theme more complete. Thank u in advance.

  • @darishzone

    I just pushed an update to Github that allows you to enable metadata (currently only on the Video view) by editing the theme.xml file. It's not great on the tiny screens this theme was made for, but it's an option now.

    sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/themes/freeplay/theme.xml

    Near the top of the file, change the reference of metadata_none.xml to metadata_basic.xml

    I also added an X68000 theme so you don't lose it when you update.

  • Ugh.. I just reverted the "easy" font size change option. Apparently it worked on the dev version of ES for Windows on my laptop, but the stable version on RetroPie didn't like it. Should be good to go now.

    I really need to dig up the latest stable version of RetroPie/EmulationStation for Windows...

  • @rxbrad I think the latest stable version is available here:

  • @rxbrad Super, thank you mate!
    I've got theme from github and X68000 theme was lacking. Glad you updated it.

  • @ectoone said in Freeplay Theme:

    @rxbrad I think the latest stable version is available here:

    Thanks... I was able to grab ES v2.7.4 (Feb 2017 build) with that link, which is better than the v2.2.0 that I was only able to find on my own.

    Interesting how the horizontal-wheel carousel apparently works on that build (was added late-January I think), but not the official build that came with Retropie v4.4 in April.

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