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RetroPie Pad

  • This is a fantasy that I've been having for a while, so I decided to make a quick mockup. I've got no real intention of making this happen. I only wanted to design my ideal controller. But hey, if someone with the power of making this happen thinks it has potential, please steal it!

    alt text

    Here's the idea:
    A controller with a button layout that's ideal for 2D games, both arcade and consoles, and specifically designed for RetroPie.

    My criteria were:

    • Small and lightweight like a Sega Saturn Control Pad Model 2 (the design is pretty much a copy of it).
    • Button names use the EmulationStation naming convention.
    • 6 face buttons layout.
    • A dedicated Hotkey.
    • Compact shoulders and triggers to avoid making the controller too bulky (I took inspiration from the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller).

    Extra features:

    • Also support PC and consoles.
    • USB-C & Bluetooth connectivity.
    • A switch that allows to swap between "Retropad" (default) and "Fightpad" mode.

    Basically, the idea of the "Fightpad" mode is to swap Thumb buttons for Right Shoulder and Right Trigger so that it supports most fighting game button layouts natively.

    The only gripe I had with this project was with the EmulationStation buttons naming convention: Triggers and Thumb buttons both abbreviate the same way (RT & LT), making it difficult to differentiate them on the controller.

    I know that pretty good controllers with some of theses features already exist, but I've never been entirely satisfied with them. For example, I've bought a couple of HORI Fighting Commander pads, and they're great but not as great as a Sega Saturn Control Pad Model 2. They're a bit too large and bulky with a dpad that's a tad too stiff.

    That's about it. I hope someone would like to buy one of these even though they don't exist!

  • I know this post is, like, two years old, and I hope I can get an answer but what did you use to design this?

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