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  • Hi everybody :D
    First time poster here :D

    I have an issue with my Picade PCB, and wanted to see if anybody has an idea on how to fix it?

    it apparently combines 2 keys
    it says “P1 Button 1 - Kbd RetroPad p1 X Kbd RetroPad P1 A” and does the same for Button 3...

    I have only experienced this with the Picade PCB, and non of my other controller boards...

    I have checked all the cables and there is no shorts or other problems with them... and think now its a software problem i can't solve myself :(

    Hoping for any help :D


    My setup:
    Raspberry pi 3b+
    Picade PCB (Arduino)
    Zippy joystick,
    Happ buttons

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