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Tempest cab joins the arcade

  • Just finished my Tempest cab!

    Its scratch-built based on the original Tempest, but adapted to a slim design for my space. I was just about to build the control panel when I found an original--complete with spinner and cone buttons and in great shape. I updated the encoder electronics on the spinner, and replaced the CPO. A Teensy 2.0 is the controller. All my cabs run Pies.

    I have just about every spinner game on it, everything plays perfectly. Tempest feels totally original.

    Thanks to the Retropie forums and community, especially all the very helpful @caver01 posts throughout.



  • Fantastic job.
    How did you replace the enconder/controller ?
    Could you provide more details ? It sounds interesting vs buying an expensive completely new spinner.

  • I replaced this:

    0_1530650193207_Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.22.39 PM.jpeg

    with this:
    0_1530650222637_Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.21.59 PM.jpeg

    0_1530650675806_Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.43.57 PM.jpeg

    I had to pry the sensors apart a little, the gap wasn't quite right for that encoder wheel. I hooked the signals up to LEDs to test it. Signals go to pins on the Teensy, which can be programmed as a USB keyboard/mouse.

    I didnt have to configure anything in MAME except the sensitivity, I had already programmed the Teensy to have pins set to 1, 2, 5, LCNTL, LOPT, etc. and the spinner already points to the mouse inputs.


  • @wstanek Well done!
    Thanks for the info.

  • @wstanek amazing work! Great idea on saving space.

  • @wstanek Very beautiful, as is your arcade room. I'm jealous. 😳

  • @wstanek Fantastic! Thanks for the mention. Your room looks pretty fun.

    What is that blue ghost in the back? Is that a Game Frame or just a pac-man ghost display?

  • Did you find a list of spinner games somewhere? Or do you have a list you can share?

  • I looked up a list and was surprised by all the games a spinner will run. Driving games like Super Sprint work really well with it. Want to get APB working. Thinking about Ultimarc's little steering wheels.

    I'll share my list...

  • @wstanek looks fantastic dude. Im sensing abit of an old skool classic Atari theme going on in there? Interested to know how you are going to go about wiring up the steering weel for APB I want to do a pole position themed cab one day.

  • @MattyL42 I want to do the same thing: get ahold of an old Pole Position control panel, update the encoder, then interface with a teensy, the same way I did the tempest. I was thinking about getting one of those Ultimarc wheels that fits on their Spin Track spinner, but the way to go is buy an original control panel and build a reproduction cabinet. I like the slim, they're 18" deep and attached to the wall.

    I didnt really think about the theme, but you can't help but land on Atari. The one in the corner is a new school Tron design, that was my first build and plays vertical games. The next one is a Multi-Williams and gets A LOT of Joust and Robotron play, and any horizontal games. Star Wars (reproduction RAM controls yoke) plays everything from STUN Runner to Lunar Lander to Paper Boy, but can't quite get it to play driving games. The Centipede is for trackball games. Next one in the works is MAD PLANETS which will be stick and spinner, but may just do the Pole Position idea next!

  • @wstanek your setup is exactly what I'm trying to do in my game room. I love the way you did your Star Wars cab. Are the slim cab plans you found online or did you create them yourself. I have plenty of wall space horizontally, but all the plans I'm finding online are too deep for my room. Are the plans you used something you would be willing to share? Thanks!

  • @mltytskr Yes I can share my designs. What I did was look up the original cabinet profile, then make modifications to keep the depth to around 18".

    I make the slim cabinets out of a single piece of MDF and a half a sheet of HDF (that smooth brown hardboard). I have Lowes cut both pieces together at 23.5" (that becomes the width for all the front and back panels). I can give you all the details, plus my tips for making monitor bezels and speaker panels.

    This was the layout (on 1/2 sheet of MDF 2'x8') for my Star Wars. I strayed quite a bit from the original profile. I just wanted something straight forward... more importantly I just wanted to get it done.

    Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 11.57.25 PM.jpeg

    I have friends that want to do a Galaga, I will be drawing up plans for that. What cabinet are you looking to do?


  • @wstanek I registered here to say "me too" :) I'm very interested in something like this for my home setup. Would you be willing share your plans? Thanks in advance :)

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