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Carousel Wheel for Gamelist View

  • Hi, not sure if this is still a thing but just wondered if anybody had any info if this would be a feature in a future release. I know the grid view is coming along but it's kinda a different approach imo.

    Game art Carousel using the marquee tag when in game list view. Similar to System vertical_wheel

  • Has anybody got any info if this would be implemented in a future update?

    I believe this would be a really great feature to retropie.

  • There is grid view which I guess can be modified to act like a carousel.

  • Hey @lilbud , Yeh dude I've been plying with the grid for a while now but don't think its being developed much anymore, not heard anything for a while now. Maybe if grid view had the ability to display all other elements such as md_video marquee image etc outside the grid view itself then maybe something could kinda be achieved I guess. I believe at one point a dev was gonna look at stripping the styling from the carousel object and try to use that as a gamelist carousel, don't think that got into production tho.

    Grid view on the dev build is actually 100% perfect for using it as a grid only.

  • I believe the person was @Zigurana who was going to attempt to remove the system carousel styling and try it on the gamelist view at some point, not sure if he's still around tho :(

  • @paffley I think it was @jdrassa but I'm not sure. Anyway, seems like summer is stopping development right now. Man, I turn off most of my electrical hardware to reduce the heat.

  • @ectoone There are a lot of people on this forum who live in areas that are getting good weather that don't usually. They're out enjoying it, they don't want to spend the day inside coding.

  • @lilbud I wasn't blaming anyone for that, I even said that I've unplugged most of my devices.

  • @ectoone Oops, didn't mean to tag or direct that at you. Sorry

  • Yeh its been mega hot in the UK especially here. I must admit, I get most of my own personal work done when its colder haha :P

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