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Help Making Power Button with Latching Button

  • Hello! I got all of the electronics I need for an cocktail table (with a Pi 3 B+), except I bought a latching power button instead of a momentary power button, making it kind of difficult to make one easily with GPIO pins.

    When I hit the button the first time, it needs to power it on. At that point the buttons is latched, so when I hit it again, it needs to shutdown properly, as not to corrupt anything

    I don't want to wire it into the PSU cord because then it could cause corruption (right?).

    I think this could be done pretty easily via a script, but I don't know how to implement one into RetroPie. Also I would prefer it to not need a script, but it's not an issue if it makes it work.

    Does anyone know any ways to make this work without buying a new button?

    Thanks, saddlepiggy

  • I used a script and a switch from mausberry circuits works great.

  • @saddlepiggy You can use the Multi Switch Shutdown Script and call it with --generic parameter. Then you have a basic on/off switch. It does not matter if it's latching or a momentary switch type.

    You can also use the device @stoney66 suggested, with the same script but with parameter --mausberry (imho a very good device). Works also with two types of power switchs (latching or momentary)

  • @cyperghost Awesome thank you! I will definitely go with your solution!

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